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Don't Go
Beautiful Affair
The Rose of Allendale
Back Home in Derry
The Water is Wide
Brown Eyed Girl
No Man's Land
The Fields of Athenry
On Raglan Road
Saints and Sinners
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What started out as Celtic Thunder's Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne performing a live show together called "Acoustic by Candlelight" has now developed into the recording of their Billboard World Album Chart #1 "Acoustically Irish" and three years of touring North America. The Irish Music Association of America awarded Ryan and Neil with "Best Duo" in a Concert, Pub, Festival and "Best New Album" in 2013 for "Acoustically Irish".

In addition to the Billboard Chart #1 position, "Acoustically Irish" was an iTunes US, Canada and Australia World Album Chart #1, Amazon US World Album #1 and Celtic Album #1 and a CD Baby Global Chart #1. Crossing traditional Irish music with Americana sounds and many World music influences, this album contains both classic tunes and some contemporary ones too - seamlessly reworked into a fresh sound. At the core of this album are Ryan and Neil's vocal harmonies.

The songs on "Acoustically Irish" were all carefully chosen and embrace Celtic and Irish sounds, ranging from "On Raglan Road", "Back Home in Derry", "The Fields of Athenry", "The Rose of Allendale" and "The Water is Wide" to the Hothouse Flower's "Don't Go", Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" and Paddy Casey's "Saints and Sinners" - amongst many others.

Celtic Thunder followers will be very familiar with the musicians who helped to complete the recording of this album. Joining Ryan and Neil in the studios were Nicole Hudson on violin and viola, Declan O'Donoghue on precussion and Barry Kerr on tin whistle.

"Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly - Acoustically Irish" is out now!

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